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Friday, March 4, 2011

Tour Diary Post #2: Car, Bar, Far, Tour

Tour Day Two found us back in the hometown of the boys from Treelines, Kelowna, BC. Who, conveniently enough, were featured on the front of local paper eVent!

After spending the day with family and friends (and a quick stop at....ahem...WalMart...to get ourselves an iPod cable for the van) it was over to the Streaming Cafe for a stripped down acoustic set in front of 40 people (and the rest of the world online).

Thanks to everyone that came down to the show, and those who watched online/sent in questions. And thanks to the Lockhart's for housing/feeding us!

We're currently on the highway on the way to Calgary for our show at the Palomino, which was just chosen as one of the Top 5 Gigs this weekend by CBC Radio 3...we'll see you soon Calgary!


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