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Monday, March 7, 2011

Tour Bog Day #4: In The Key Of Beer

Rider Pride!

We packed up after the Calgary show and set out overnight to Regina. Shift driving allowed some to nap while others drove.

The early morning shift saw only one deer on the road, many already knocked to the side (sometimes mistaken for rocks), and some frolicking in the frosty prairie fields.

The craziest sighting involved a deer cornered at the side of the road by two wolves. No one got a photo as we were all in awe as we realized what we were driving past.

We made it into Regina, some opted for a 2 hour nap, the rest headed for the pool/hot tub/water slide before we headed out to gig #1.

Fort Quappelle is the Regina area ski hill, and SaskTel had the bands come out to perform after the charity event.

Then it was back to the hotel for a quick dinner and out again to our first of a few house shows on this trip.

Regina threw down the gauntlet and hosted a keg party (where beer-pong challenges were made) with the boys from Treelines performing in the basement, It was an amazing time (thanks Matty!) with some old friends (including Mike and Brennan from Library Voices) and many new ones. (Wait until you see the video...)

Once again we're on the road (after a much needed sleep-in) (thanks for the hotel SaskTel!). We spent the night in Winnipeg and are currently in Thunder Bay at Jack's.

So excited to be in Ontario. Sarnia, Toronto & London, we're coming for you!

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