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Monday, April 4, 2011

Tour Blog #17: The End

So it's over...

The Lessons In Geography Tour ended with a bang at the Red Room in Vancouver on the 26th of March; a sold out show with The Dudes, 450+ people, and so many friends. Couldn't have asked for anything better.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tour Blog #15: Everything Ends Up In The Trough

After a few quick hours of sleep at the wonderful Maria Lockhart's apartment, we ate some diner food and (with the addition of a little firecracker) we headed for Kelowna.

Once again, back in Treelines' hometown, we were surrounded by family and friends, which this time included MK's younger brother Patrick Kelly (with his new band Bridges) opening the night at the Black Box Theatre.

All sets went well and from there the real party began in a sweaty room in the basement at Grant's house. Ratwheel, and Putrid Brew performed and an awesome, impromptu...jam? (I don't know what to call it) happened, right before a dozen guys had their underwear weggied off of their bodies.

I have many more photos from that evening, that you can see on FB if we're friends...but for now, enjoy:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tour Blog #14: Three Virgins, an Ox and a Chicken

Know what's pretty at 4:30am? Jasper St in Edmonton.

We left Saskatoon right after the show and (Steve) drove to Edmonton overnight to be sure to get to Breakfast Television on time. Six Roll-Up-The-Rim cups (and no wins!) between Steve and I later we arrived into the city earlier than our 7am load-in time.

So after catching up on the news in Japan and Libya, the entire van full of people napped outside the City TV studios for a few hours.

Seven AM rolled around and we headed in for the Treelines TV debut, which involved playing Ghost Towns, an interview with Ryan Jespersen (who did a wonderful Chris Farley impression), and then When I Get Grown to close the show (which made anchor, Stacey Brotzel cry). The video is online here.

After a nap and dinner on Bourbon St. in the West Edmonton Mall, we arrived at The Haven Social Club for the show. Awesome new friends were made in the other acts performing that night and many Edmonton friends made it out as well!

From Edmonton we hightailed it up to Calgary to sleep for a few hours...with Kelowna, and the last show on the road, up next.